Accounting vs Finance Degree: What’s Right For Me?

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This is an excellent alternative career for an accountant due to the fact they already perform this type of work as a general rule. While an accountant doesn’t work exclusively as a financial analyst, they do help individuals and businesses make sound financial decisions that affect future operations. The fact that there is no direct educational role for a financial analyst is another advantage to an accountant who wants to switch careers. An accountant who wants to become a financial analyst is well advised to take the Securities Industries Essentials exam to boost their employability. The distinctions between accounting and bookkeeping are subtle yet essential. Bookkeepers record a business’s day-to-day financial transactions.


Projected numbers are in gray, actual numbers are in black.

APAC Economic Outlook and Impact on Company Valuations and Restructuring

Most Millennials are looking for meaning, and I am A Cpa I Hate Financial Projections what we as a profession must try and find. Ten years ago, I was 19 and had just started accounting at college. Since then I have accomplished some things in this profession; at least that’s what the rational part of my brain says. I should be a billionaire like Zucks, I should own a basketball team like Cuban, but I’m not and I don’t, so I suck. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who struggle with keeping up with their finances, do not worry. Just because you hate accounting or bookkeeping doesn’t mean should let go of these tasks.


You may be asking yourself, what is industry accounting? Industry accounting is a type of private accounting where one works in the accounting department for a specific company. Public accounting, on the other hand, is when you work for a firm that performs services for a client. This role tends to combine accounting duties with that of Human Resources and may not look like much of a career change on the surface. However, moving into the HR department as an accountant offers the opportunity to keep the accounting education active while not working in the accounting division.

I Hate Accounting But Love Finance?

While this might seem like a drastic solution, it allows them to pursue careers that are more rewarding and stimulating. Ultimately, the accountant and the company benefit from this decision. These are just a few reasons accountants might choose to leave the profession. Ultimately, the decision to stay or go is a personal one that each accountant must make based on their own individual circumstances. So why are accountants so dissatisfied with their pay and benefits?

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